Boost your confidence

by Mel Tomlinson, business and consciousness coach and CEO of Performance Booster

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I’m always amazed at just how many business owners struggle with confidence issues. And self-confidence can be a game changer; the difference between mediocrity and success. Think of a business icon you admire, they no doubt exude confidence in their abilities, their products and their companies. Mediocre products and services have even been known to push through the clutter because of a business owner or sales person’s ability to sell with confidence.

Self-confidence is no different from any other skill; it can be acquired through hard work and practice. If standing up and addressing a crowd is difficult for you, the only way to get past this is to do it over and over again. There’s no doubt it will be challenging, but you can get through it.

Some people suffer from general low confidence, while others lack confidence in areas they are not skilled in. The former is a highly complex personal challenge and a journey of self-discovery and development of self-esteem, self-respect and self-appreciation. The latter can be dealt with on a challenge-by-challenge basis.

5 “SOFT” CONFIDENCE BUILDERSconfidence muscle boost

1. LIST YOUR PAST SUCCESSES. At least 100 of them. Read this list whenever you need a boost.

2. DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Shallow as it may seem, looking and feeling good is important. Those expensive shoes and eye-catching sunglasses have a real feel good value, whilst  feeling under-dressed will make you want to hide in the corner studying the canapes.

3. SAY IT. Words are powerful. And, affirming why you can, rather than why you cannot, is a powerful confidence builder. It is scientifically proven to strengthen your resolve and be encouraging. Become your own cheerleader.

4. EXERCISE. Sorry to break it to you, but exercise is good for self-confidence. It has to do with all those feel-good endorphins that are released, and the sense of pride that comes from conquering lazy habits. Your mind will quickly deduce that if you can get this one thing right, today, you can get many more things right as the day and weeks progress. Start with a win early in the morning and watch your confidence rise.

5. INTEGRITY. This is a real game changer. By keeping promises to yourself – not just to everyone else – you build self-respect and trust. This is a key building block for self-esteem.

These quick and easy confidence boosters will help you get up, get dressed and show up. Real confidence comes from acting or following through on something, even when you are nervous and perspiring heavily.

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