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The success of business owners is critical to South Africa’s economic future. Taking an idea and launching a startup, and then transforming it into a growth company is an exciting, but also daunting journey full of challenges. But with the SME advice offered on Bizmag, and the inspirational entrepreneurs featured, we provide great examples of how it can be done.

Articles include practical and actionable advice on all aspects of running a business; from launching a startup, management , growth and strategy, money matters and fundingtechnologypeople management, to franchisingsales advice and more.

Bizmag also strives to keep business owners up-to-date with matters pertaining to the state of the economy, tax and legal considerations, and SME News & Events.

There is so much to learn from others, therefore we regularly feature interviews with Entrepreneurs of South Africa, who are keen to share their journeys, business highs and lows, and lessons learnt. Our Inspiration section is also sure to motivate and inspire.