Vectron POS launches Yoordi – take your business online in 24 hours!

Jitesh Nanda, MD of Vectron POS South Africa
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Business owners in the hospitality and retail space have to adapt and come up with innovative solutions to sell their items and products, whilst practicing social distancing protocols. A proven solution, Yoordi, offered by Vectron POS, offers just that, by creating digital menus that allows contactless ordering and payment.

“Our goal and vision is to offer a cost-effective solution to South African SMEs, and to assist them to maximize trading in these uncertain and restrictive times. Yoordi’s easy to implement technology allows for this,” says Jitesh Nanda, MD of Vectron POS South Africa.

Nanda has been helping the hospitality and retail sector to be more efficient by providing faster services using proven, reliable technologies for more than 21 years. His e-commerce journey started by building the world’s best electronic website, as voted by Forbes Global Magazine in September 1999. His years of experience in online technologies across various industries eventually led him to German-developed Vectron POS in 2008. “I encountered Vectron whilst on holiday in Austria, and was so impressed by the innovative mobile solutions, that I just knew that we needed these technologies in South Africa.


“Now, by incorporating Yoordi with Vectron, we can offer an almost instant solution to today’s unique challenges, and also for the future,” says Nanda.

Easy to implement, and adaptable

Yoordi enables you to sell your products online, without the time and costs required to set up your own e-commerce capabilities and activating a merchant account. The system is geared for and can be adapted to any business that sells food or products. It is a webapp, originally developed in Switzerland, that won the World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL) Innovation Award in 2018. Being a webapp means that clients do not have to download an app on their phone, or complete a registration.

Solutions for the hospitality sector

How would you feel if your customers could place an order remotely, and the order prints immediately in your kitchen? This is easier and more cost-effective than you think.

YoordiYou as a restaurant, take-away, bar or pub owner that signs up with Yoordi will have a digital menu created for you. This menu can be used for online viewing only, or you can activate it for online ordering for take-aways, for take-away and delivery, or even for sit-down dining. The restaurant can receive the order in multiple ways; either by it being printed automatically at the kitchen printer, or by viewing on a tablet (like other solutions), or by integrating it into the Vectron POS to get the most benefit.

What is unique about Yoordi is that customers can either order and pay online, or choose to pay at the establishment. This works out the most cost-effective for your business, as on-site card transaction fee is usually much lower than online card payment gateway fee. Should a guest or customer order online, but pay on-site, Yoordi takes a low fee of the sale to provide the facility. This gives businesses and customers an option how they wish to pay or receive the payment which suits the business.

Since Yoordi’s launch in June, many businesses have already signed up, including Pakalolo Cocktail Bar, RobinHood BurgerGrill, Yindee’s Authentic Thai Restaurant, Akiya Sushi, Café Extrablatt and Founders Restaurant & Grill, plus retail clients like Vortex Designs and Interesting Gift Shop.

“Thank you for connecting Yoordi to my business. Yoordi is now integrated into my website and social media. My clients LOVE it.” – Michael Risi, Owner, Pakalolo.

“Yoordi is the future of contactless ordering, with your menu straight on a customer’s phone. It is flexible for take-out or in-house, with great and speedy customer service.” – Guido Dierschke, RobinHood BurgerGrill.

Solutions for retailers

Retailers of all sizes are now aware that they can no longer transact in a physical brick and mortar environment only, and they need to implement e-commerce capabilities to compete and trade effectively. It is imperative that they implement a system to integrate the online and in-store, to ensure full control and a central management of all their products and sales.

Yoordi can help retailers achieve this with ease, by implementing an online ordering and a click-‘n-collect option. Butcheries, grocers, hairdressers selling products and bottle stores are all examples of retailers that can make use of this solution.

Yoordi online ordering solutions

Yoordi Webapp

Cost-effective, flexible and 24/7 support

The registration fee includes the activation of your Yoordi account and the creation of your tailored digital menu according to your own brand design. You will then be provided with your unique QR code for your digital menu, and a link for your website and social media pages. In under 24 hours, you can have your professional digital ordering and payment system set-up.

To help businesses during this time, Yoordi is offering the Covid discounted sign-up of R2 500 once-off. There is no minimum monthly fee.

Full training on the system is included, so that you can log in to make changes to your menu. At any stage if you need support, help is simply a click or call away.

Businesses with less than R100K turnover a month do not usually need a dedicated professional POS system due to the limited number of transactions per day. The Yoordi solution with order monitor is usually sufficient.If you have a turnover of more than R100K a month using Yoordi, your business will qualify for a professional Vectron POS valued at R1 600 per month at no extra cost to you.

Yoordi + Vectron = The only professional tools you need to take orders, manage and grow your business.

Marketing your Yoordi solution

Your digital menu appears on your website, allowing customers to order online and choose an exact time for pick up or delivery. Or, if right outside your shop or restaurant, you display your Yoordi poster, and your client scans the QR code and orders using their smartphone.

Links to your Yoordi ordering solution can be placed on your Facebook page and Instagram profile. Furthermore, you can print in on your invoice, take-away menus, business cards, or on your table-talker. The Yoordi team also promotes and posts on behalf of your establishment on social media.

Yoordi offers your guests the opportunity to #scan, #order and #pay, with ease. Join the many other businesses that have already signed up.

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Yoordi online and mobile ordering solutions

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