#TweetTip : Five strategies for Retweeting

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Retweets are an important part of your overall Twitter content strategy. Not only do they help spread your message far and wide, but they also drive meaningful engagement with key influencers. Understanding which Tweets and Twitter accounts are Retweet-worthy can sometimes be a confusing task. To help you think this through, we’ve found examples from real small and medium-sized businesses that illustrate five reasons to hit the Retweet button.

Highlight  positive customer reviews and feedback

If someone is saying something nice about you, a Retweet does double duty – it lets your admirers know you appreciate their support and it shares their positive sentiment with a wider audience.

The recent opening of @HamleysToysSA created a lot of excitement and hype and Twitter was abuzz with positive customer feedback. @HamleysToysSA shared this positive mention from a happy customer.





Share news coverage, interviews and other content marketing efforts

If your business is covered in the media or you’re writing guest posts on blogs, Retweeting is a great way to show off your expertise and legitimise your business. It also helps to position your spokespeople as industry thought leaders.

For example @quirkagency, a South African digital agency, uses Twitter to leverage their managing director @justinspratt by positioning him as the face of the agency.

Twitter pic2


@AviosSA, a South African travel rewards programme, Retweeted this Tweet from @ExpressoShow that linked to a list of weekend travel locations.

Twitter pic3


Spread knowledge

Your Retweets should offer value to your followers. If you see a helpful article from an industry influencer or advice on a topic that you know your audience cares about, it’s time to spread the word.

@Yurbuds, a wireless headphone brand, Retweeted this Tweet from @runnersworld to make their fit followers aware of this expert advice.

Twitter pic4


Highlight a complementary Twitter account

The more useful your followers find Twitter, the more time they’ll spend with the product, interacting with you and your Tweets. Help them find out about other accounts they might want to follow by Retweeting announcements, news, or other content from businesses that share a similar audience.

@Brand_SA, the organisation that  develops and implements a pro-active marketing and communications strategy for South Africa, Retweeted  @PlayYourPartSA, to give followers a pop quiz around the first female Chairperson of the African Union.

Twitter pic5


Augment your business’ personality

Finally, there are times when you’ll see a Tweet and think “I wish we’d Tweeted that.” Whether it’s insightful, fascinating or funny — if something aligns perfectly with your business’s authentic voice on Twitter, go ahead and hit the Retweet button.

@CapeTown Retweeted a motivational  Tweet from @WWFSouthAfrica around the importance of women in conservation.

Twitter pic6


Retweeting relevant content is a great way to maintain a robust Twitter presence. If you choose to boost your relevant follower growth with Twitter Ads, a strategic approach to Retweeting will ensure that your new followers are met with a steady stream of interesting, curated content.

When in doubt, remember this rule of thumb – your Retweets reflect back on your business and should align with your purpose and values.


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