Tips to create an investor-friendly online presence

Living in the digital age means that as an entrepreneur you have a footprint that extends beyond your business card, CV and business aspirations. This footprint includes your social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Today, potential investors are looking at your online story to gain insight into your character, authenticity and to see the bigger picture. Your online profile could make or break an opportunity for you.

The ENGEN Pitch & Polish annual programme, now in its sixth year, is designed to help entrepreneurs polish their pitch in order to understand their business, know the numbers and gain investor confidence. Business incubator Raizcorp, sponsor Engen Petroleum Ltd, national media partner SAfm and the QuadPara Association of South Africa want entrepreneurs to have the ability to access funding through their ability to express the business or business idea effectively.

Below are some tips for an investor-friendly online presence:

  • Run a search on your name to find out what information is readily available
  • Your profile picture should be professional yet reflect your personality at the same time
  • Create a short yet descriptive punchy one sentence bio and use it consistently
  • Include your interests such as favourite books, movies, music, TV shows and sport interest as it gives potential investors a glimpse into your personality
  • Develop a compelling and authentic story
  • Consider creating and publishing a short video presenting yourself
  • Maintain a healthy and current level of activity on your main social networks
  • Proofread before posting to ensure your profile and posts have no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Do not post negative comments about your workplace
  • Keep controversial opinions to yourself – do not post them publicly
  • Do not empathise with criminals
  • Derogatory posts are always offensive
  • Do not use any hateful speech
  • Do not post any inappropriate and discriminating comments and images which include: abuse of any kind to any form of nature, drunk, wild nights, doing anything illegal, nudity, any reports of police involvement in your life
  • Keep it clean
  • Express your personality
  • Express your causes

When in doubt, rather be safe and refrain from posting your comment or photo. Remember, your ideal online presence doesn’t have to be perfect; however, it must represent a truthful picture of you.

As an entrepreneur you want to control your online reputation with a professional and investor-friendly digital footprint.

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