There has never been a better time to gear up your investments on the online Infobahn

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Daniel Kibel, Founder and Director, CM Trading
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Online trading. A concept that has literally thrust the financial world into the fast lane. But for most armchair investors putting the pedal to the metal to get in on the action of this online infobahn can seem extremely daunting, and without some expert guidance many just get left behind in the pits.

With the right tools and support everyone can become a successful trader, but it is also important to continually sustain entrepreneurial growth. With this in mind, CM Trading are running an unprecedented campaign that allows all Business Referrers who introduce new clients to the world of online trading the chance to win a stunning BMW Z4! Yes, you read that right! Just by being a business referrer you could be burning rubber in your very own, very exotic BMW Z4.

CM Trading, an award-winning online trading company is committed to providing an essential investment service to clients who prefer an out-of-the-box approach to investment opportunities. With so many vehicles for financial growth accessible to South African investors, making responsible choices that yield tangible returns requires sound expertise from a partner with a vested interest in your long-term success.

Getting your position on the grid

Knowing just where to start is key to your investment growth. “Although a vast majority of people are familiar with online trading, very few understand exactly where to begin the process”, says Daniel Kibel, Founder and Director of CM Trading. “We are here to rev up the engines in the market. To offer the guidance, tools and support that will become the driving force that not only gets average South African’s into the investment game, but could potentially change one of their lives with our awesome prize.”

Most of us believe that in order to effectively trade, one needs to be an expert with a large sum of investment capital. But this notion has been debunked with their development of new and unique software solutions;  webinars, training videos and e-books – all for free.  “It is important to understand that anyone can become a trader through our unique website and easy to use and understand portals,” says Kibel, ”You don’t have to be a trading genius or have years of experience as a stock broker – we have created the platform to allow you to do it yourself.”

Daniel Kibel, Founder and Director, CM Trading.

Put both hands on the wheel and take control of your finances

It is important to remember that you are in the driver seat when it comes to the performance of your investments. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but there is simply no quick fix when it comes to making money. It’s up to you to ensure that you’re aware of the risks, mindful of the markets ebb and flow and ultimately make the most out of the opportunity that sound investing offers. When asked if online investing is a savvy financial move, the only advice that Kibel could provide was none. “We are not here to offer investment advice. Our role is to provide our clients with the very best education and tools possible so that each and every one of our traders fulfil their full potential and trade like a pro. It’s a fact that money in the bank provides absolutely no value yield. The return that one can make through online share trading is so much more than the interest rate that the banks will offer you (on a fixed deposit from the major South African banks, the average rate is between nine and ten percent).  Responsible and expertly guided share trading can nett you so much more.”

Providing the driving force behind entrepreneurial growth

Online investment now truly is accessible to one and all. “This is an exciting time to invest. The markets are going wild with the Rand in its current state. Add to that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and the stage is set – with the market in a state of flux, one can be assured that there is money to be made”, concludes Kibel.

The crux of the matter is that when it comes to savvy investing, there is no checkered flag offering the sought-after podium finish. Constant warm up laps may be required; you may be forced to slow down and do an economy run every now and then; you will probably have to go up through the gears as you chase pole position… The only certainty is that the online trading circuit, and your navigation of it, is uncertain. It is essentially up to you to choose your team wisely. As the largest Forex broker in SA, and winners of the prestigious Best Performing Broker in Africa Award for the last three years, CM Trading provides a wealth of tools and resources at your fingertips because the better prepared you are, the better your trading performance will be.

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By being a business referrer you could be burning rubber in your very own, very exotic BMW Z4.

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