The secret to inspiring staff

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When it comes to education, every company is looking for the perfect formula to make learning easy and exciting for their staff and stakeholders.
And it turns out that there is a secret to inspiring people, bringing about change and getting your core business message or potential issue across. Quite simply – it’s having FUN! The reality is that no one likes to be lectured or told what to do. Positive thoughts and moods inspire people to think more critically, to look at inventive ways of overcoming challenges and to get stuck into potential workplace problems with gusto.

A narrative to follow

Quote from ‘The World Bank’: Unlike traditional behaviour-change campaigns that convey abstract concepts and can become repetitive quickly, educational narratives are easier to follow and remember than abstract information. Characters in theatre have the power to be role models, inspire audiences to engage in new thinking about “what is possible”, and change the perception of what is “normal” and socially acceptable behaviour.

When looking for an inventive way in which to communicate core business issues, Edu-Tainment acts as the bridge between learning and changing behaviour. Actors perform a series of recognisable and relevant storylines and situations so that audiences identify with them, their environment and situations in a fun, non-confrontational and impartial way. These messages are delivered in a forthright, hard-hitting and direct manner.

Relevant issues surrounding Corporate Code of Conduct, Diversity and Transformation, Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate/Organisational Values suddenly become tangible and stimulate public discussion and debate. And impact social and political thoughts, change and the environment.

As the old saying goes, ‘everyone likes a good story’. People learn easier by audio-visual effects, like Industrial Theatre performances, which ensures that stories are fun to tell and easier to follow.

Author bio: Tiro Venter, MD, StageFright Industrial Edu-Tainment

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