The June/July 2022 issue is out now!

June/July 2022 issue
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The June/July 2022 issue of Your Business is out now – free to you for online reading or download.

What’s inside this issue:

On the cover:
Real estate offers the perfect combination of stability, scalability and opportunity. Owning a Rawson franchise could fast-track your path to building wealth.

How to build your trust score
Your professional and personal credibility can affect your ability to secure finance for your small business.

Map the journey
Customer journey mapping’ is the latest buzzword within the CX space. Here’s how to be your own customer, and gain real customer insights.

Youth Month: Fostering solopreneurship
Every June we celebrate Youth Month, however, the recent youth unemployment statistics are a cause for concern. Fostering solopreneurship may be the solution.

Young stars making it happen
Our young ‘treps are innovative and motivated. They are solving problems in their communities, promoting sustainability and creating employment opportunities for their peers.

Keep sales management simple
Advice for sales managers to onboard, guide and manage a team of sales stars.

Managing growth
Most businesses have growth as a goal. But, to grow sustainability, you need to understand how this will impact all areas of your business.

Don’t WhatsApp me, I’ll WhatsApp you!
WhatsApp Business has not have taken off as a promotional tool as expected – to the relief of consumers. Instead it has evolved into a convenient self-servicing platform.

I’ll have what they’re having…
Word-of-mouth marketing has changed its gameplan, but not its clout, and is well worth investing in.

How we did it: Selling your craft
Skill alone does not make a profitable business. You need to learn how to scale, how to market and how to sell.

Get into the driver’s seat with a mobile business
With a set of wheels, a good product or service and a mobile payment solution, on-the-go vendors are well placed to become the customer’s best friend.

Sourcing and procurement
We all know South Africa has a corruption problem. So, what are the red flags to watch for?

You are the weakest link
Business e-mail compromise is still the costliest internet scam – and it’s long past time organisations get a handle on it.

Gone phishing
Phishing, and now also smishing. vishing and spear-phishing – all forms of online attack to watch for.

Enacting change
10 Tips to help you seed change in your life, team or your business.

…and much more Inspiration.Advice.Opportunities.

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