Stella Artois’s rally call to #SaveYourSpot

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In a bid to spark a movement that could potentially save restaurants and bars across the country, Stella Artois has launched the #SaveYourSpot initiative to support the industry in a real and tangible way during lockdown.

One of the industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been the food and beverage industry, and with little practical or immediate relief in sight, Stella Artois has launched the #SaveYourSpot initiative that aims to put much-needed financial relief into the hands of these businesses right away.


Stella Artois has created an online platform where consumers can buy a voucher to their favourite local restaurant or bar. Not only will this money go directly to the business, but Stella Artois will add an additional 50% of the value of each voucher.

Its a win-win-win.

Consumers who buy vouchers will be able to redeem them at their favourite local spot after the lockdown, and enjoy 150% of the value they paid for them. The business itself benefits from the support of their patrons (and the added donation from Stella Artois) whilst still being closed for business – providing immediate financial relief to pay wages and keep their business afloat whilst their doors remain shut. Both outlet and consumer win. Not to mention the Stella Artois brand, who by magnanimously offering this incentive to any restaurant, coffee shop, bar or deli with a valid liquor license (no matter whether they currently stock its brand or not) will surely win hearts and consumer’s loyalty for years to come.

Vijay Govindsamy, Commercial Director High End Company at SAB, insists however that this initiative is not about building the Stella Brand, but about saving businesses: “Most restaurants and bars have about 16 days worth of cashflow reserves to keep their business afloat. That’s a global average. For many South African outlets, that figure will be significantly less. If we hope to see our favourite local spots survive this lockdown, we need to rally together and do what we can to support them now – when they need our help the most.”

“This initiative is born out of a genuine love for our restaurants and bars. It’s a love we share with most South Africans who are famously sociable and gregarious the world over. It’s a movement that we hope will eclipse our own involvement, reminding the public that when we come together to savour life and support what we cherish, we can make a big difference. By buying a voucher to #SaveYourSpot, you’re investing in the good times that still lie ahead – you’re investing in hope,” Vijay continues.

So how much is Stella Artois investing? R1.5 million. Which (together with the amounts consumers pay toward their vouchers) effectively translates to a much-needed R4.5 million cash injection into the food and beverage industry. After the 50% incentive bonus runs dry, Stella Artois has committed to still oversee and run the online platform, in the hopes that a movement toward rallying for our restaurants and bars will continue. They will thus continue to facilitate the purchasing of vouchers and their value being transferred directly to the outlets they relate to.

How can consumers buy vouchers?

Visit Search for your favourite bar or restaurant, then select the value of the voucher you’d like to buy (choose from R100, R250 or R500 options). Facilitated by PayFast, the online purchase will be followed by a confirmation email and an electronic voucher thereafter. If your favourite local spot is not already on the list, you can nominate it and Stella Artois will get hold of them directly to try and get them listed ASAP.

How can restaurants and bars sign up?

For restaurants and bars to register, they can use this link:

After the outlet is officially listed on the website, bar and restaurant owners will also be free to rally their patrons to buy vouchers through whatever means they choose.

To find out more, and the T&C’s, visit:


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