Sodastream – leading the revolution against single-use plastics

Sodastream South Africa
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Did you know that it is estimated that 141 billion bottles and cans are not recycled every year? Or that South Africa is ranked in the top 20 producers of trash per capita worldwide? Do you consider that every piece of plastic ever made still exists today?

It is with these facts in mind that iconic and much-loved brand, SodaStream South Africa, is leading the charge against single-use plastics by advocating ‘precycling’ – the conscious decision to reduce waste. “Plastic waste and pollution threatens our oceanlife and has a direct impact on the tourism industry. With this in mind, we investigated how we can do more to help not only the country, but also the planet,” says Thembakazi Ndamase, Marketing Director of SodaStream SA.

One Sodastream bottle is tested to replace the 5 070 bottles and cans the average family uses in three years. By using tap water to create carbonated flavoured beverages, SodaStream makes traditional store-bought beverage bottles obsolete. This results in less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste and less transportation of bottled beverages.

The only bottle you will need


SodaStream has unveiled its innovative ‘My Only Bottle’. This re-usable bottle can replace the average 512 bottles and cans that a single person uses in a year. Its smart and advanced design ushers in a new and exciting way to combat waste and pollution.

Being completely UV-resistant and BFA-free, ‘My Only Bottle’ is the ultimate bottle that is not only better for the invironment, but for a person as well.

Making water exciting, and drinks healthier

SodaStream’s range of tasty flavours and syrups contain one third of the sugar compared to their soda equivalent, while the SodaStream Zero are sugar and preservative free. Moreover, it is economical as it will cost the family on R3.33 per litre versus other sparkling water or soda equivalents. SodaStream offers a simple, fun, tasty way for the whole family to enjoy healthier beverages – while saving the planet!

“My Only Bottle” is available online and selected retail stores. For more info visit


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