Remember to update your website as the economy reopens

By Selina Bieber, Regional Director, GoDaddy

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With economy is slowly opening again, many of your customers might be uncertain about how things have changed for your business in the wake of the pandemic. Up-to-date details about your processes and procedures lets your customers know what to expect should they wish to place an order, make a booking or visit your shop or office. Now can be the right time to go through and update your website content to make sure all information is relevant for the current situation and for future growth.

  1. Build a reopening page

 Things are different for most of us during these challenging times and it’s probably not business as usual for your company as yet. You can use your website to let customers know if your opening hours have changed, what your safety and hygiene rules or policies are, and what may be different in terms of the services and products you are offering at this time. Review your industry requirements according to the government’s current level 3 regulations and address them point by point.

Include how you are embracing any requirements, as well as adding links for your website visitors to refer to more information, such as the national Coronavirus portal. Consider linking the reopening page to a regularly updated FAQ answering common customer questions such as:

  • What is the new routine at your shop?
  • How early in advance should they arrive?
  • Do they need an appointment?
  • How much of a backlog or waiting time do you anticipate?
  1. New look, new feel

This could be a good opportunity to freshen up the look and feel of your website. As you go through your website to update text where relevant, consider adding some new photos of your team and store to show that you’re back in business. Happy smiling faces are inviting and can reflect your enthusiasm to get back to work.

  1. Update your blog

During the level 5 lockdown, you may have added some content that will now be out of date. For example, you might have indicated that you’re only taking online orders or that you are completely closed for business. For any shutdown related posts, add a comment at the top of the post stating you are reopening with links to the new pages with current procedures. You don’t want visitors landing on old blog posts and misinterpreting them as current information when it comes to the COVID-19 environments.

  1. Create your newsletter and social media blasts

Get a newsletter blast ready to go to your website mailing list about your reopening, as well as social media posts on all the social media channels you use. Again, note dates and hours, including a link to your new pages that contain additional details. Use your newsletter and social media pages to post updates and links to your new website information, as things evolve.

  1. Keep your backups

As the sudden renewal of the alcohol banning order shows, things are still fluid and you may need to temporarily close your business as the pandemic progresses. It’s possible that closing and reopening might happen a few times.

Save any pages, order forms or text/content that have been working well during COVID-19 shutdowns to avoid having to redo all of the work you created. This can help you to make adjustments more quickly in the case of having to convert back to a closed state, rather than scrambling to recreate all that collateral to update your website again.

Go with the flow

There will be speed bumps along the way. Try to go with the flow, be flexible, evolve and react as necessary while communicating with your customers and employees. Your staff and customers will be impressed with your flexibility and conscientiousness and that helps to build trust and future business opportunities.


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