Put it down on paper

Mission statementDr John Demartini is a world-renowned author, philosopher, keynote speaker and consultant. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur and has some great advice for starting a business.

Here’s one of the tips he shared with us:

Never underestimate the power of a comprehensive mission statement. During a consultation Demartini spent two full days with 75 employees formulating a mission statement. “The statement should be more than just a series of words. It should involve true feelings and practical commitments in order to be successful.”

Staff should be able to link even the smallest task in their job descriptions to the mission statement, he says. If answering the phone is part of their job, it could, for instance, be linked to the mission statement of offering friendly service.

Create an inspired vision

Inspired vision is another key element of success. “Take some time to formulate an inspired vision for your company and sit down regularly to check if it is still valid and attainable.”

Employees need to see how their actions impact this vision in order to stay motivated and inspired, which will immediately affect productivity.

Prioritise all tasks

Demartini also believes that business owners should take time to prioritise all the tasks needed in their companies. Small business owners have to ensure that staff members are aware of what the important tasks are.

“You should evaluate your business priorities every quarter and delegate important tasks to staff.”