Planning a Year End function in 5 easy steps

By Barbara Elshove, Team Orange Events

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Actions speak louder than words, and this wisdom is true for almost every sphere of life. After all, it’s much more meaningful to show someone that you love them, rather than just saying it. It’s also no secret that promoting high-performing employees, instead of merely showering them with praise, clearly shows how much how you value their input and expertise.

The same goes for celebrating your team’s successes. Continuous engagement is important, of course, and sharing highs and lows as they happen is the glue that keeps a team strong, but don’t forget the value of a year-end party that toasts their achievements and tells them you appreciate all their efforts.

Why have a Year-End function ?

A team event that delivers a really good ROI for all is often simpler, more affordable and a whole lot of fun. For starters, it makes your company culture come to life, boosts team morale, instils a renewed sense of belonging and builds trust, because employees will feel valued, seen and respected.


The domino effect is great for the team and company as a whole, as research shows that recognising employees increases their productivity. When they’re valued, they also identify more with the brand and the business. Added to that, it’s not always possible to connect with your employees in deadline-driven office scenarios while the year is in full swing, so a year-end party is perfect to get to know them better in a more casual way.

5 Steps to Year-End success

End 2019 on a high note and ensure that the team starts 2020 with a spring in their step. Keep these simple guidelines in mind to save you time – they’ll save you some money too!

#1 Right on the money Small budget? No problem. With some clever thinking, you can stick to it without sacrificing a smidgen of fun. For example, venues tying in with your theme don’t require decorations, making for great savings. Similarly, locations offering catering, lighting and audio-visual equipment are budget-friendly too.

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# 2 The right theme for the team Match their interests with a venue and choice of activity that makes them come out of their shells to have a jolly good time. Dressing up is a sure-fire way to level the playing field – the usual office hierarchy quite literally gets the boot at a Wild West wing-ding; and you’ll never guess who’ll be the most glamorous gal of them all at a Great Gatsby shindig. From old-school outdoors fun to setting sail on sleek yachts – there’s a party out there to suit your team to a T.

# 3 Well spotted! Cape Town is a melting pot of cool venues and locations in nature, but they fill up fast in summer, so stake your claim well in advance. When choosing a setting for your party, make sure it’s close enough that no one has to travel far, and remember that not all events require a private venue (which come with added costs).

# 4 Make a meal of it If you over-cater, it’s money in the water; but if you under-cater, the event will go downhill – fast. Rope in help to get the portions right, consider dietary requirements (and factor them into the budget) and remember to include drinks (R150-R250 per person is a good rule of thumb). Pre-selecting wine helps to keep costs down and buffet menus are almost always your best bet – while giving everyone more options too.

#5 Press play DJs and live music may be classic choices, but they don’t come cheap. Besides, for a small group, a live comedian might be a far better choice to create a fun atmosphere. Whatever you decide, just make sure that the entertainment ties in with your general theme, and don’t forget that interactive activities are great ways to keep everyone occupied for hours.

Team Orange EventsBarbara Elshove is the Founder and Marketing Director of Team Orange, an Event Management Company who produce freshly packaged conference, teambuilding, function and incentive programmes designed to inspire colleagues to connect in a unique and meaningful way in and around Cape Town. With years of experience in planning parties and tailoring year-end packages to suit specific needs, Team Orange combines out-of-the-box thinking with creative design. Visit:



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