Plan for success

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Dr John Demartini is a world-renowned author, philosopher, keynote speaker and consultant. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur and has some great advice for starting a business.

Here’s one of the tips he shared with us:

“The most important step when starting up is to be crystal clear on exactly what you want to do, who your market is and what challenges you will face in your business.”

He recalls a conversation between Donald Trump and his project managers in the lobby of Trump Towers. While discussing a new million dollar property development project Trump asked the project managers to compile a list of everything that could go wrong, or stand in the way of the success of the project. He told them to come up with10 solutions to each challenge to be 100% clear on the job at hand and the feasibility of the project.

If Donald Trump with all his millions has this approach, small business owners should work even harder to understand the challenges ahead.

“Spend time planning. Go through every process in your mind. Make sure that all the processes required to deliver extraordinary products are in place before starting. Any unforeseen challenge can and will work against your chances of success.”

Once you have a comprehensive strategy in place, Demartini believes you will be confident and passionate enough to secure finance and attract the right customers. “Why would anybody believe in your product if you don’t?” he asks.

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