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At Overberg Asset Management, we are more than just a wealth manager, we are a trusted custodian of generational wealth and prosperity.

With a legacy of expert investment management since 2001, our services are designed to enhance and safeguard your financial future. While the core offerings continues to be the actively managed local and global share portfolios, we also provide a comprehensive suite of investment and wealth management solutions.

Overberg has a proven track record in global and domestic South African markets across a range of asset classes. At the cutting edge of investing, we ensure that clients capitalise on exciting investment opportunities. Our cost-effective portfolios are optimally structured to adapt to changing market conditions and opportunities, enabling us to keep pace with the ever-changing environment, providing greater potential for growth and better returns over the long term.

Nick Downing, founder and CEO, Overberg Asset Management
Nick Downing

Nick Downing, the founder, and CEO of Overberg, has been involved in international investment banking and asset management since 1986 with a well-established track record in managing institutional, retail, and private client funds. Nick is also the Chief Investment Officer and the Chairman of the investment committee.

Our collaboration with offshore partners enables access to investment structures with distinctive tax-efficiencies, wealth protection, and advantages that bridge generations. We have identified and developed strong working relationships with “best-of-breed” providers that espouse a similar philosophy to Overberg based on excellence in service, value, and performance.

Our team of wealth managers will guide you with specialised advice around wealth creation, preservation, and distribution, ensuring the most beneficial strategy for your unique circumstances. By delivering high-quality service, our wealth managers build long-term relationships with their clients based on trust, transparency, and successful financial outcomes.

Your financial well-being is always our priority. Together, through holistic wealth management, we’ll navigate your path to prosperity beyond wealth.

The company has offices situated in Pretoria, Cape Town, Winelands, Hermanus and Greyton. Contact our experienced and dedicated management team today to ensure your financial wellbeing.

Pretoria: 012 030 0267; Cape Town: 021 207 1608; Winelands: 021 852 6040 ; Hermanus: 028 312 1783; Greyton: 028 254 9013. Email: info@overberg.biz or visit: www.overberg.biz