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The October/November 2020 issue of Your Business Magazine is out now, available to you free for online reading or download here.

Some of our inspiring articles and features include:

DIGIT FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS has notched up more than 14 years in business, built an impressive network of over 115 active franchise operations across South Africa, and plan to double this capacity in the next five years. Read now

Back to basics
Passion is important, but overrated if you do not understand the fundamentals. We take a look at the characteristics of a successful SME. Read now

Bootstrap your business
One of the most common myths about starting a business is that you need funding. We offer some tips and advice to ‘bootstrap’ your startup, and three entrepreneurs share how they did it. Read now

Standing out in the crowded digital space
In a time when everyone is fighting for attention, finding simplicity is key. Read now

Take your side hustle to new heights
Side hustling. It’s what you’re doing when the clock strikes five, as everyone else is kicking off their work shoes. Here’s how to take it that step further. 

How to avoid tone-deaf marketing
Brands that fail to be sensitive and tactful in their communication risk being ‘cancelled’. Read now

Reimagining the future of work
4 Ways in which business leaders can approach the task of re-invention through new, COVID-eyes. Read now

Cultivating trust and respect
Leader who embrace ‘cultuneering’ are key to determining the success or failure of business in agile, ever-changing markets. Read now

Online T&Cs
These Terms of Service are essential for your online shop, to ensure the interaction between consumers and businesses is compliant with law. Read now

What does POPIA mean for SA’s direct marketers?
Contrary to what many people think, POPIA doesn’t include a long list of things you can no longer do; instead, it deals mostly with how businesses and marketers should now do things. So, where can you get leads? Read now

Tips for remote working policies
Remote policies aren’t about whether you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams for meetings, but are core strategic issues. Here’s what to consider when forming these policies.

And much more! Read the Oct/Nov 2020 and other editions here!


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