Local ‘trep takes on the world

Entrepreneur Amanda Jojo, the owner of Amangie Parables, will head to Germany in April to compete against 50 other finalists from around the world in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), a global initiative of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO).

Amanda Jojo
Amanda Jojo

“I am honoured to win this competition. It will enable me to grow my business and I look forward to learning all that I can,” said Jojo.

To enter the awards, contestants needed to demonstrate that they’re successfully running a business for six months at the least while studying. Their business also needed to have an annual turnover of R65 000. Jojo competed against five other finalists for the opportunity to travel to Germany:

  1. MA Holdings — is an online company offering university courses.
  2. FutureShop — Futureshop is an online comparative site which compares and finds products for customers, they also deliver to their customers front door.
  3. Creatives United — Is a marketing company with focuses on the entertainment industry.
  4. Uyitolotolo — Assists SMEs with their daily problems, they also assist them with strategy design and implementation as well as business linkage facilitation.
  5. ODDJOBS — Is a job site that provides jobs that can be completed and paid for within an hour with no long-term commitments.

“The GSEA awards allow us to identify and help nurture the aspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow,” said member of the EO, Ross Drake. “South Africa is in need of entrepreneurial talent, people who can identify gaps and provide solutions thereby contributing to growing and improving our economy.

“We are committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and believe the students who are just starting out need as much support as they can get,” Drake continued.