Leveraging bloggers for PR

With the right approach to bloggers and enough research done, they could do some PR magic for your small business…

Cape Town and Helderberg’s #CapeMarketing groups recently spent their meetup session discussing the correct approach and some reasoning around bloggers and their advantages in the PR realm for small businesses.

Why bloggers?

● They have an interested, captive and engaging audience who find relevance in and trust their source – the blogger.
● They love to both receive and pass on a value based offer from businesses or brands
● Hold credibility with their readers and position of direct influence
Simple Steps to Suss out a Blogger
● Search, Rank, Record – search the relevant genre’s of local blogs; rank them according to your own system (ie: FB likes, Twitter followers, engagement on webpage, Google ranking etc)
● Call personally with a 30 sec intro starting with a personal intro and ‘what’s in it for them’ approach
● Send a follow up email with at least 3 personal touches (ie: their name & name of blog, mention something from the conversation and/or something you admire about their work that makes it relevant to your cause/product/launch)
● Be concise in the mail – list 3 points of benefits to them or their readers. Keep the mail short, simple and direct.
● End with a clear call to action and include any sharable posts or links etc to make the action as easy and fuss-free as possible (they don’t have the time of day to be creative on your behalf too!)
● *Like their FB page or follow them on Twitter & engage every 3 or so days with them on social media – it never hurts to stay top of mind!

What if there are no bloggers to be found on the industry I’m in?

This is a question that comes up often, we don’t know where to start. If Google doesn’t bring up any suggestions after searching…then it’s time for some ‘sideways marketing’. Take a new approach: ask yourself: “What is my ideal target audience also intrigued by or interested in, and who is blogging about that topic?”

If an artist for realism art cannot track down a blogger specific to his approach & style, he might look up bloggers about photography, or collectable cars & planes or homeowners who participate in auctions etc.

What if I don’t have a website yet but I’m trying to build up credibility?

If you’re not online you may as well not exist…so many or most say. This is true to an extent, but if you have no time or are tight on budget for an interactive & multi-paged website, never fear.

Simply use the opportunity to be found should someone directly search you or be lead there through a referral or social media, to announce a launch date or ‘Coming Soon’ status and ask whether the web visitor would like to join a contact list to hear from you when the business is ready.

Tools like a Mailchimp landing sign-up page, Vigo or Yousemble have all been recommended by our experts.

Share your comments or questions on leveraging bloggers for PR below and stand a chance to be featured as our next Member of the Week!

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