It’s never too late to switch to the cloud


Microsoft 365
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It has been almost a year since the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to re-evaluate their operational requirements and working structure. Those who acted quickly in shifting towards a more online-focused approached, mitigated many of the pitfalls associated with protracted lockdowns and Working-From-Home instructions. But all is not lost for small businesses still making use of traditional equipment in the workplace. It is never too late to switch to an online model (like Microsoft 365) that gives you all the tools you need to thrive.

Working from home or a hybrid work model can present business owners with a unique set of challenges. Having a platform that reduces the stress of the perceived loss of productivity by including tools that foster teamwork and collaboration has become critical. What’s more, online file storage and sharing that makes it easy for collaborators to have access to the right information is exactly what is needed. And when compatible with almost any device with an internet connection, this means information and a collaboration hub is just a click away. That’s smart business!

Moving outdated systems and practices to the cloud is not only convenient but also safer as well, as it caters for information and threat protection as well as identity, access and security management. The process is also incredibly easy to set up and maintain – so as a small business, you shouldn’t be deterred.

The nature of work is changing, and businesses not only need to protect vital IT assets, but they need to provide empowerment, collaboration and tools to enhance productivity. As customers demand more, it’s an opportunity for your business to deliver. So, look for tools that will help you build and manage your business and remember it’s never too late to move to the cloud. Choose a plan that’s right for you.

By Willie Jansen Van Rensburg, Executive at Axiz Cloud Technologies.

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