Introducing the new family of CK+ Cash Management Systems

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cash management systems
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The range of CK+ high-performance cash management systems offers your business closed and secure cash handling, providing peace of mind and security.

It accepts payments from banknotes and coins and gives back the exact change. The cash register always tallies, controls the authenticity of banknotes and coins and offers high speed procedures.

The CK+ family of products are specially recommended for supermarkets, food establishments, cinemas, theatres, chemists, tobacco shops, lottery administrators, hospitality and any other establishments where cash is dealt and speed, accuracy and security is required in cash transactions.


It is normally faster to accept cash and give change back using the CK+ Slim compared to an operator.

Main characteristics of the CK+ range include:

CK+ Cash Management Systems
  • CK+ Slim deals and validates all South African Rand notes and coins
  • Multicurrency
  • Redundant system, a banknote jam does not leave the device out of service
  • More than 150 POS software integrated from 7 different countries
  • Easy and express integration into any software.
  • Connectivity to the POS: LAN (RJ45 connector)
  • Levels of change are monitored at all times
  • Clamps to counter top



  • Accepts, pays out, recycles and validates all coins from 10 cents to R5
  • Coin Capacity: 1500
  • Speed of coin input: 10 coins/second
  • Input capacity (validation): up to 30 mixed denomination coins
  • Output speed: 4 coins//second
  • Output capacity: up to 50 coins

BANKNOTES (per module)

  • Accepts and validates all banknotes from R10 to R200
  • Recycles and pays out 2 denominations (configurable)
  • Banknotes for change:  more than 120 (60 + 60)
  • Input capacity: one at a time
  • Speed of accepting and validating banknotes: 2.3 seconds/banknote
  • Output capacity: one at a time
  • Banknote output speed: 1.3 seconds/banknote
  • Closed collection box with capacity for up to 600 banknotes, from R10 to R200

About Vectron Systems

Vectron not only manufactures POS system hardware, it also develops the point-of-sale software itself. And that means the whole POS solution comes from a single supplier, ensuring the optimum interplay of hardware and software. Additionally Vectron provides software for back office, analytics and detailed auditing for all transactions.

Vectron specializes in offering complete business solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in industries including:

  • Restaurants, quick-service restaurants and hotels
  • Bakeries, deli’s and butcheries
  • Catering, canteen & medical
  • Retail and chain operators
  • Spa and wellness centres
  • Dry cleaners and other specialised businesses

Vectron’s top-of-the-range products include:

■ POS systems
With its extensive range of stationary POS systems, Vectron offers suitable equipment compatible with diverse company sizes and types. Numerous interfaces enable easy connection of peripherals, such as printers, scanners, cash drawers, card readers, dispensing control systems, etc.

■ Mobile POS systems
Mobile ordering and cashing for optimum use of staff resources. Robust special hardware for hospitality and modern POS Apps: Taking payments on a mobile device with Vectron reduces walking distances, optimizes working routines and minimizes personnel placement.

■ Peripherals
Vectron offers a large number of useful peripheral devices for realising individual concepts and specific requirements. Vectron can connect to printers, cash drawers, weighing scales, dispensing machine, card readers and other peripherals.

■ bonVito Customer loyalty
With bonVito now SMEs can also benefit from the advantages of a professional customer retention and loyalty system. bonVito enables individual, specific measures for customer retention and increased sales without major costs and a great deal of additional work.

■ Kitchen video monitor
The booq Bar / Kitchen Manager streamlines communication between the control and the kitchen. All orders that are entered at a hand terminal or cash register are automatically transferred as digital receipts to handy touch screens. This streamlines the orderings and production process so that meals are served on time and highest quality.

■ Online ordering
Provide online orders on your own website, without detour via an external delivery portal. The easy solution for convenient order processing for restaurants and caterers. Online ordering integrates with Vectron and processes orders directly in the POS instead of manually capturing from other sources.

■ Table reservation
Vectron and bonVito Reservation solution replaces ordinary, confusing reservation notebooks with a practical online reservation system with many extras. Reservation systems integrates with Vectron POS for a real-time overview of status of all tables in your restaurant.

Contact Vectron Systems today to discuss your ideal business solution. Call: + 27 (0)21 830 5262 or +27 (0)73 6874767. Email: ​ Visit:

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