Innovation, collaboration and building partnerships

Digital signage professionals at One Digital Media work with store designers, architects and builders to deliver dynamic, targeted messages to specific audiences in support our client’s marketing strategies.

 The origins of the company lay in identifying the client journey through a store, restaurant or mall, finding the correct message to convey in keeping with the overall marketing strategy and delivering that message in a dynamic, flexible and impactful way.

We offer a wide range of digital signage solutions, including our own proprietary software, that enable retailers and store owners to create a truly compelling in-store shopping experience.

Small beginnings that led to a store design revolution.

Looking at malls like Mall of Africa, Table Bay Mall, Gateway, Galleria & Canal Walk, store design and digital marketing platform synergy is amazing. It is difficult to find a retail, commercial or Quick Service Restaurant location without digital signage or digital menu board solutions installed. Overdoing it is easy. Lumping mountains of technology in a retail space does not a good design make.

It’s about innovation, collaboration and building partnerships:

 Years of experience gained whilst working with the biggest brands in retail and QSR sectors allows us to work with prospective client’s marketing teams and store designers to offer advice on digital marketing solutions, store design and the content strategy. Our Product Development and Operations teams then work together with store designers and builders to ensure that the marketing objectives are met while making sure crucial operational considerations form part of the design.

Maintaining partnerships:

Digital signage solutions in-store are strategically placed to make clients aware of current promotions, provide customer information regarding goods, services and general news about our clients, their brands, and the environment, keeping their customers informed and making their shopping experience a memorable one. But that’s only one part of the solution;

Andrew Ridl, CEO at One Digital Media: “We offer a range of services to our clients to help manage and maintain their digital signage networks”:

  • Store design collaboration; solution specification, design collaboration and 3D modelling
  • Content creation and animation; Our in-house team of designers have a unique insight into the technology we offer, our client’s needs and how to create the content
  • Scheduling services; our dedicated team of content schedulers ensure the right media is played at the right time in the right outlets. Changes to on-screen content to cater for different market segments are possible due to the flexibility of the system
  • HelpDesk services; we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable HelpDesk technicians available by phone, e-mail or direct log-in to offer advice and troubleshooting assistance
  • Field Services; with a network of installation teams and maintenance technicians we offer a nationwide footprint of back up services to ensure the digital solutions we provide are maintained to operate at optimal levels.
  • Business intelligence; makes use of a suite of business analytics tools to deliver insights throughout an organization. The system can connect to multiple data sources to drive ad-hoc analysis. Data sources include databases, spreadsheets, and online services. Many of these are constantly updated throughout the day, week or year.

For us, design does not end with the physical build. We design services process’ with a focus on solving our client’s digital signage requirements “Adds Ridl.