How to increase social media engagement

Here are 8 easy-to-remember tips to apply when using social media for your business. Many of the tips are similar to those you would apply in your offline strategy.

#1 Know your audience

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And choose your platform accordingly. If you are speaking to a very focused trade audience, the chances are that Facebook won’t be the right platform for you. The exceptions to this rule are if you’re running a specific campaign that needs the networking capability of Facebook, if you’re launching a new product that will require a targeted communications campaign and messaging or if you’re working with a sponsor that is prolific on Facebook.

#2 Be clear on your content strategy 

Even if you don’t include specific messaging and text, your page should have a clear communication direction and objectives. Without these it will be impossible to measure success.

#3 Evaluate your page and your strategy

Check that you’re on track to meet your objectives. Make sure that your growth is on an upward trajectory and that your audience is engaging with your content.  If a platform or strategy isn’t working, review the situation and revise the strategy according to what the issue is. Then keep reviewing regularly and revising accordingly, until it works.

#4 Break up your content

You can do this by using video, images, links to articles etc. Constant text-only posts can become extremely monotonous and people may get bored and leave the page.

#5 Keep in mind your posting schedule

Post at times relevant to your audience and be consistent. Irregular posting or posting too frequently can be a negative; you need to find the right balance.

#6 Images must be relevant to your page

Don’t simply share images that you like. Keep them on brand and relevant to the post that they accompany. Also be aware of usage rights; not all images that are available online are free to use.

#7 Realise the capability of the platformPeriscope

…And the relevance of your brand. Don’t expect 10 000 Facebook fans in month one if you’re speaking to a very niche audience. If fast growth is an objective, consider allocating budget to Facebook or social media advertising.

#8 If you’re out of your depth ask for help

Social media crises can spiral out of control in a second, and live online forever. Working with trusted consultants to determine the right medium and methods to use, will go a long way to establishing your businesses identity online.

*Kate Thompson-Duwe has been in the Public Relations industry for nearly 15 years. She heads up her own agency, Amplicon Public Relations, as a part of the FoxP2 Group.  Visit: