Hot off the press! The latest issue of Your Business DigiMag

Your Business Magazine DecJan issue
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Hot off the press! The latest issue of Your Business DigiMag – free for online reading or download here.

Some of our inspiring articles and features include:

On the Cover: Yadhir Mooloo, CEO of the Levingers franchise brand that is synonymous with quality, great service and happy customers.

Planning for 2021: Business planning and goal-setting for the coming trading year remains as relevant and vital as it has ever been – perhaps even more so now. ActionCOACH Kathi Clarke tells us how to do it.

Franchise Focus: The franchise sector is adapting to thrive, and focussing on strong collaborations. Our annual franchise focus features advice, inspiration, and of course, an array of exciting franchise opportunities.

Tips to break into a competitive market: With consumer behaviour in flux during the pandemic, this could be an ideal time to break into a market with an exciting offering.

2021 Trends – optimise your digital platforms: There are several ways for brands to increase visibility, attract and retain clients, and improve online ranking against competitors.

The 5 habits of highly resilient businesses: These common traits allow companies to emerge successfully, whatever their industry.

How to use incentives to drive sales: Sales incentives are an ever-popular, tried-and-true tool used to energise sales teams to sell more by qualifiying for and winning great prizes.

And much more! Read the Dec/Jan issue and other editions here!


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