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Your Business AprilMay 2021 issue
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As always, featuring practical and actionable advice to your help your business thrive, including:

On the Cover:
From a small business opening in 2009 comes the success story of THE FISH & CHIP CO that has grown into one of South Africa’s favourite fish & chips franchise brands, with over 100 take-away outlets serving the nation.

Pricing tactics
Effective pricing is a combination of art and science. We look at some commonly used pricing strategies.

 Go from ‘meh’ to ‘YEAH!
In a crowded digital space, how do you get your brand to speak loud enough for your audience to hear you, and most importantly, take action? Enter storytelling.

Top tips for your website
A business website is a perpetual work-in-progress, but remains one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Owner vs employee mindset
There’s a fundamental shift in attitude between being ‘just an employee’ or the ‘owner of your job’. So, how do you instill an ‘owner mindset’ in your team?

ESOPs and Phantom Share
Unpacking these two employee incentivisation schemes.

Drafting a Joint Venture contract
For a JV to be successful, both parties need to agree to clear objectives. Here are some crucial clauses and aspects to consider.

Shaping a better future
We chat to tenacious and inspiring female ‘treps who speak with the same voice: don’t wait for the perfect time. Just start. 

An affordable start
Low-cost franchise and business opportunities open avenues for entrepreneurs. We unpack what it takes to start-up, and feature opportunities under R400K.

Leading from within
The uncertainty and volatility of our external environment is demanding that we practice self-leadership, and flatten our own curve of chaos.

+ More Advice, Insight and Information!

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