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Waste Not, Want Not: DigiShred on how shredder machines boost sustainability efforts in industries.

The wonders of industrialization changed the course of entire human society in the last century. The present century is in desperate need of long-lasting solutions to repair the damage it has caused. Many large enterprises and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the urgent need to prioritise the health of our planet. They are actively working towards adopting eco-friendly practices across their operations.

The demand for paper is one of the main drivers of deforestation. By making slight adjustments to their operational processes, businesses have the potential to greatly reduce global deforestation. And individuals can achieve this by effectively organising their records according to the retention schedule and then securely disposing of them with a shredder machine.

DigiShred unpacks why paper shredding is an eco-friendly activity for everyone and how it boosts sustainability efforts in industries.

Shredding paper is secure

Ensuring the security of your organisation’s sensitive and confidential information is of utmost importance. Preserving them is simply a recipe for disaster, while improper disposal is equally problematic. By shredding paper records with your own shredding machine, you can ensure the proper disposal of your data while also contributing to the longevity of our planet.

Optimal recycling

Recycling is a valuable tool in our efforts to mitigate the environmental harm we have caused and are still causing to our planet. The purpose of recycling is to save on landfill space and create new paper-based products from wastepaper, reducing the resources needed to produce fresh paper.

When a business regularly shreds its expired paper records with a shredder machine, it not only helps preserve the environment, but also improves the efficiency of the recycling process.

Recycling shredded paper is a simple process. Paper shreds are collected from the office site and can be immediately transformed back into pulp, eliminating the need for shredding. This leads to immediate energy savings on a larger scale through paper recycling.

If a business relies heavily on paper usage, then implementing a shredder machine can be a highly sustainable measure. Recycling helps slow down deforestation and gives nature the opportunity to replenish its tree cover.

Shredded paper is a highly valuable compost material. It’s crucial to understand that the creation of high-quality compost involves the combination of both “green” and “brown” waste materials. Green waste consists of biodegradable materials, while brown waste includes shredded paper, which helps improve soil quality by preventing unpleasant odours and mould growth.

Burning has a detrimental environmental impact

Once no longer needed, some businesses have been known to dispose of their paper records by burning them. Although the approach may appear efficient, it poses risks to both individuals and the environment.

Burning significant amounts of paper produces harmful smoke that contains high levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes. Burning paper releases smoke that significantly harms air quality.

Incineration is not a secure method for disposing of confidential information. It’s not uncommon for papers underneath the stash to remain unburnt and available for unintended purposes. In addition, fires can be extinguished, and valuable information can be retrieved. Shredding is a better choice and is friendly to the environment.

Shredding paper can save water

It may surprise you to learn that producing one kilogramme of paper uses 300–400 gallons of fresh water. Shredding is the only practical way to properly dispose of the paper and submit it for recycling. You can recycle paper five to seven times for various purposes. By shredding your old data, you minimise the related industrial processes that harm the environment, in addition to saving water and trees.

Whether you’re looking for a recycling shredder machine to reduce your environmental impact or in need of customised solutions designed for your industry’s unique needs, DigiShred is here to help.

Using a recycling shredder, you can improve your document disposal practices. Partner with DigiShred for top-notch solutions that not only boost your business but also contribute to environmental preservation.