Cloud PBX – the trusted alternative for your business?

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On-premise PBX is a sunset technology. Some businesses still make use of this system, sure, but it is definitely on its way out in favour of the modern solution – cloud PBX.

Why though? What is it about cloud PBX that makes it superior to its older counterpart? Why is it such an attractive prospect to business owners, both big and small? Phil Horey, Sales Director at Connection Telecom (Telviva) shares some insights:

An outdated PBX technology


First off, let’s take a closer look at on-premise PBX. As the name implies, this VoIP solution sits within an organisation, where it operates on a traditional copper line infrastructure.

To its credit, on-premise PBX does certainly do exactly what it says it will on the box. It’s a private phone network that allows a receptionist to take calls and transfer them to their relevant department for example, as well as make use of other handy features, like voice recording.

The big problem with on-premise PBX unfortunately, is that it’s expensive – it requires big capital outlay from the get-go. There’s room for unexpected costs too, like a technician callout in the event of there being a loss in service. To make matters worse, opting for this solution sees business owners being roped into lengthy, unnecessary contracts with their service provider, often at a minimum of five years, because there’s a need to install complex hardware and lay out the infrastructure to support it.

Flexibility? You can forget it. Growth is still possible, but on-premise PBX doesn’t exactly encourage it, at least not in the speedy manner that an organisation may require.

The PBX of the future lives in the cloud

Cloud PBX on the other hand, is almost the complete opposite. It’s a secure VoIP solution that’s both flexible and scalable, all because it lives online. With the physical infrastructure eliminated, decreased downtime is just one of the many benefits you’ll receive with this solution. If your network were to drop for example, calls would simply be routed directly to an employee’s mobile phone, ensuring that clients are always able to get through to find the resolution they require.

Aside from this, one of the biggest positives of cloud PBX is the massive cost saving it can provide. Right off the bat, because no heavy-duty hardware is required, there is no need for big capital outlay. Without a complex physical infrastructure, you can forget about a complicated contract too – this service can be paid for on a month to month basis.

The true financial value of cloud PBX however, stems from the fact that it makes use of the Internet to deliver its goods. Did you know that this technology can generate up to a 40% saving on a company’s telco expenditure? This is possible because many suppliers use their own network to carry data. As a result, they pass their savings directly on to the consumer.

Cloud PBX – a modern solution

Agility is a prerequisite for a company’s success in the modern competitive landscape. A contract with little to no room for flexibility and scalability is a real detriment to that pursuit.

With cloud PBX, that’s never a worry an operations manager will have regarding their communication needs. Not only that, there’s room to save financially too. Which organisation can’t benefit from that perk alone?

Article submitted by Clockwork Media on behalf of Connection Telecom. 

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