collect debt

How to collect debts (and keep your customers)

Debt collection is a painful but necessary function. And while slow-paying customers place enormous pressure on your cash flow, you stand a very real chance of losing them as customers forever if you, or...
behaviours of successful entrepreneurs

Behaviours of successful entrepreneurs

There are no rules in entrepreneurship. People often wax lyrical around following certain formulae for success and globally, millions of books are sold on the promise of riches. Sure, we can all learn from...
small business vs big business

Big business vs small business

Does staying small and nimble makes sense for you and your business?

Cost-saving habits for your business

These five habits will save your business a fortune...
how do I protect my brand name

9 Tips to name and protect your brand

Much of the potential success of your brand depends on the choices that you make at the early stages of your project or business. Here are nine tips to enhance and protect your brand. A...

Tips to keep you cashflow positive

Here are some tried-and-tested cashflow management tips to ensure there’s not too much month for your money...

Trademarks: Lessons in protecting your brand

This 'trep realised the value of keeping his trademark safe from harm from the start…
SARS small business

SARS and your small business

Expert advice on understanding and dealing with SARS...
Mission statement

Your mission statement

Nothing motivates quite like a mission statement...
Personal branding

How youth entrepreneurs can build their personal brand

Effective personal branding makes you stand out from the crowd to customers and funders…
start a business

Do you have what it takes to start a business

It’s not easy to start a business! Do you have what it takes?
financial formulae

Financial formulae:: Test and measure

These are the financial formulae you should be using to keep your business on track...
loyalty programmes small business

Can loyalty programmes work for small businesses?

Can loyalty programmes work for small businesses?