small business vs big business

Big business vs small business

Does staying small and nimble makes sense for you and your business?
SARS small business

SARS and your small business

Expert advice on understanding and dealing with SARS...

Trademarks: Lessons in protecting your brand

This 'trep realised the value of keeping his trademark safe from harm from the start…
Personal branding

How youth entrepreneurs can build their personal brand

Effective personal branding makes you stand out from the crowd to customers and funders…
Mission statement

Your mission statement

Nothing motivates quite like a mission statement...

Cost-saving habits for your business

These five habits will save your business a fortune...
financial formulae

Financial formulae:: Test and measure

These are the financial formulae you should be using to keep your business on track...
loyalty programmes small business

Can loyalty programmes work for small businesses?

Can loyalty programmes work for small businesses?
Cash flow management

Proper cash flow management

The saying rings true: turnover is vanity, profit is reality, cash flow is sanity.
start a business

Do you have what it takes to start a business

It’s not easy to start a business! Do you have what it takes?

How to effectively run a home office

Tough economic times have resulted in many South Africans looking for new ways to cut back on monthly expenses. SMEs are feeling the pinch, which is why giving up rented offices and opting to...
what does bootstrapping mean

Bootstrapping your business

Bootstrapping: A term used to refer to the process of using only existing resources, such as your own personal savings, personal computing equipment, or garage space, to start and grow a company. One of the...
SMME finance

Top 10 tips to becoming a financially savvy SMME

Businesses are failing all around us, and this can happen when entrepreneurs are not equipped with the necessary financial skills that would enable them and their businesses to flourish. SAICA Enterprises Development’s...
fears entrepreneur

Feel the fear, and start that business anyway

No entrepreneur is immune to the fears associated with the risks of starting your own business. Here's how to overcome it and start that business anyway. Starting your own business holds the promise of time...
cash flow

Tips to stay on top of your cash flow

Let’s face it, running a small business isn’t easy, and there are many sleepless nights along the way. But, not being able to pay employees or debtors due to poor cash flow is one...