In 1994, Your Business magazine was born to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in South Africa. Twenty-two years later, and the Your Business of today is a fully-fledged adult reaching the companies and people shaping the local business landscape.The success of business owners is critical to South Africa’s economic future and transforming a startup into a growth company isn’t easy, but the companies featured in Your Business provide great examples of how it can be done.
Each issue features inspirational success stories and practical, actionable advice on all aspects of running a business, from idea conceptualisation and brand development, to key issues such as securing finance, growth, human resources, marketing, technology, strategy and leadership, and more. Your Business also keeps business owners up to date with matters pertaining to the state of the economy, legislation and business events.
A wide range of advertised business and franchise opportunities in every issue make it a favourite amongst potential investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity that is right for them.Your Business is sold in leading retailers across South Africa, including Pick ‘n Pay, Exclusive Books, CNA, PNA, Shoprite/Checkers, Spar, Forecourts, etc. It is also sold in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Seychelles, Swaziland and Ghana.

For sales or marketing enquiries, call 021 409 7939, email Lynette Roodt (lynette@bizmag.co.za) or Heidi Kruger on (heidi@bizmag.co.za). For editorial enquiries email Nicole Cameron (nicole@bizmag.co.za).

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